Dirty Rectangles Games

The Theme for this Compo was Regrowth. I had the idea in my head to create a forest fire based game. I thought back to all the nature shows I watched and I always thought it was interesting how well a forest could rebound from such devastation.


for Dirty Rectangles #4
28-31 May 2010

This compo was about Vikings! During the creation of this game I watched a pile of documentaries about Vikings and Barabarians. I wanted a very lop- sided fight, unfortunatly I didn't end up getting any challange in, but I did manage a good tileset.


for Dirty Rectangles #3
16-18 April 2010

The theme for the compo was Birth. We came up with the idea early on, with rabbits being known rapid procreation, we figured it would be funny. We tried to make a platform puzzler similar to PB Winterbottom. I think this is the best 48 hour game I've made so far. It's a little dark!


made with Tom Baird for Dirty Rectangles #1
26-28 Feb 2010
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
Microsoft XNA Redistributable 3.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Ludum dare games

MiniLD 16 was based around very exact constraints, including colours, sounds and controls. I really wanted to make a game with a train, with parallax. The gameplay came directly from the control restrictions. The game is lacking points/goals/time limits, this is only partly by design. Why is a helicopter loading a moving Steam Engine pulled train? I don't know but it's funny to think about.


made for  MiniLD #16
19-21 Feb 2010
Controls 1-9 selects which car to hover over, press again to drop cargo.
Click here for constraints

This was my first kick at a 48 hour game making compo. The theme was Exploration. I had the idea in my head of Explorers reaching an island and charting it out for their home. I'm really proud of my forest genreating algorithm, it works well, and I wish I made it before I made the Island creation .

Come and See!

made for Ludum Dare 16
11-13 Dec 2009
Controls WASD Move around -
E to build improvements
R to build Roads
T to build boat houses, you can use a boat house as a town.
TimeLapse of me making it.